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Znyth® | Zinc Hybrid Cathode Technology

Eos’ novel Znyth® (zinc hybrid cathode) battery technology employs inexpensive, widely available materials within a robust, scalable design to achieve long-life and extremely low-cost. After 10 years of development, Eos’ Znyth® technology is built on 21 patents and patent applications with over 600 claims covering cell configuration and architecture, cathode design and materials, electrolyte and electrolyte additives, battery management systems, and low-cost manufacturing processes. The result is a battery technology with unparalleled performance and market reach.


Some of Znyth’s® Key Advances Include:

Titanium current collector with proprietary ceramic coating is permanently conductive, non-corrosive, and self-healing
Aqueous, near neutral pH electrolyte is non-dendritic and does not absorb CO2, eliminating carbonate clogging issues
Proprietary electrolyte additives and buffering agents enhance zinc solubility and plating to improve energy density and run-time
Hybridization of cathode chemistries and electro-active catalysts improves power density and roundtrip efficiency
Highly standardized manufacturing processes such as metal stamping and injection molding to keep manufacturing costs low
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