Today’s electricity grid relies on millions of miles of transmission and distribution to connect load with remote centralized generation. This complex, interconnected network is costly and highly vulnerable: failure in key locations can result in outages across thousands or even millions of downstream customers.

Cost-effective energy storage is the key to enabling microgrids or local power networks that combine distributed energy resources and intelligent controls to manage energy supply and demand. Microgrids can operate seamlessly both in parallel to the grid and in “island” mode, providing critical customers and facilities with power even if the utility grid goes down. Energy storage enabled microgrids will also create access to electricity in remote locations and communities, where conventional distribution infrastructure is prohibitively expensive or practically unattainable.

Eos offers superior energy capacity and longevity within a compact, low-cost and inherently safe design—making it well suited to support microgrid and off-grid applications. The battery’s modular and scalable design makes it ideal for backing-up individual homes, powering rural villages, or supporting entire military bases.

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