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The Eos Aurora 1000│4000 is a low-cost DC battery system designed specifically to meet the requirements of the grid-scale energy storage market. With 4 hours of discharge capability, immediate response time, and modular construction, the Aurora system can be scaled and configured to reduce cost and maximize profitability in utility, commercial and industrial, and military market segments.

low cost
Low Cost/kWh At $160/kWh for the DC system, Eos is cost competitive with existing peak generation technologies
long life
Extremely Long Lived Aurora is projected to last 5,000 cycles for a 15-year calendar life
High density
High Energy Density Aurora has an energy capacity of 4 MWh housed in four 40ft., containers.
High Energy Efficiency With a round trip efficiency of 75% in full depth of discharge applications, Aurora is one of the most efficient long-duration energy storage solutions
100% Safe Constructed with environmentally benign, non-toxic materials, the Aurora system has no mode of catastrophic failure and is safe to locate in urban areas

Cost of Incumbents

Traditionally, non-pumped hydro energy storage has been too expensive to compete with incumbent solutions used for peak generation and delivery. Today’s batteries, such as Lithium-ion and lead-acid, rely on rare earth metals and expensive manufacturing techniques or simply don’t last long enough to be cost effective on the electricity grid. Eos utilizes abundant materials such as zinc and low cost manufacturing processes like injection molding to keep costs low. With a 30-year life, Eos can provide peak electricity at a levelized cost of $0.12-0.17 per kWh—substantially less than conventional gas turbines and competing energy storage technologies.


Energy storage has value-added applications across the entire energy supply chain and is also the enabling technology for independent microgrids. Applications are bundled according to how the battery is used and, equally important, where it is located. Eos is working with its Genesis partners to evaluate and pursue applications where its Znyth™ technology can create value and reduce cost to create a compelling business case and return on investment for the customer.


Commercial & Industrial





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