Aegis: Partnering with Major System Integrators


Eos has partnered with major system integrators, enabling customers to purchase turnkey, AC-integrated energy storage solutions from Eos’ Aegis Partners. Together, Eos and its Aegis Partners will work to provide comprehensive energy storage solutions with Eos’ Aurora® DC battery system at the lowest possible cost.

Eos is continually working to further build out its network of Aegis Partners. To express interest in partnership, please contact us at

Genesis: Partnering with Industry Leaders

Million Customers
GW of Generation
70 +
1.8 Million
Miles of T&D

Eos is working with the owners of the business problem to develop a real energy storage solution that maximizes value and reduces cost for both utilities and customers. Eos’ Genesis program entails in-depth collaboration with some of the world’s largest and most advanced utilities, with specific focus on business case evaluation, product development and optimization, and pilot demonstration of Eos’ innovative battery technology. Collectively, these Genesis partners represent over 350 gigawatts of generation, 1.8 million miles of transmission and distribution, and 76 million customers in over 70 countries—creating an unprecedented platform for introduction and ultimately wide-spread implementation of the product. Click on the icons below for more information on our Genesis partners and read more about the press release announcing our utility partnerships.

GDF Suez
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