Energy storage offers the homeowners a multitude of benefits.  With Eos, homeowners can reduce energy bills by purchasing electricity to charge the battery during off peak hours, and consuming it during peak hours.  Aurora® batteries also function as backup power in the event of outages due to extreme weather. Storage also enables homes to function independent of the grid when paired with solar.

Eos’ modular construction means that batteries can be appropriately sized for any residence.  If sized correctly, Eos’ battery an be utilized as a daily cost saver through load shifting, while maintaining enough reserve energy in case of an outage.

Eos’ inherently safe chemistry and architecture mean that the technology is ideally suited for home use.  With Eos’ long life and low maintenance, homeowners can simply forget about the batter once it is installed, and rest assured that they have a dependable source of power when they need it.

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