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Use our Cost Calculator to accurately price the Eos Aurora system necessary for your project. Simply enter a desired shipment year and power requirement. Systems can be sized using our 250 kW | 1 MWh building blocks. If you are interested in placing an order, our team will work with you directly to determine your DC system warranty options and the appropriate Aegis partner for full AC integration.

To learn more about the Eos Aurora, visit our Products page.

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Eos system without skin

250kW│1MWh Eos Aurora DC subsystem comprised of 6 Energy Stacks with Baseplates. Aesthetic skin at additional cost not shown.

*The price reflects the full DC system including the batteries mounted and wired, the Energy Stack outdoor-rated enclosure and battery management system (BMS). Pricing does not include the energy stack skins, the PCS, EPC or shipping estimates.

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