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Battery giants in Japan and Korea have long dominated the world’s battery technology, and still do when it comes to small format batteries for laptops and consumer electronics. But at the Department of Energy’s ARPA-E event this week, a dozen or so battery companies and research labs showed off their innovations for batteries for electric vehicles and the power grid, signalling how battery innovation, at least at the prototype level, is alive and well in the U.S. and could even lead the next-generation of transportation and grid tech. Eos Energy Storage, a startup based in New Jersey, is building a low cost grid battery using air and zinc and is shooting to commercialize its battery in two years at a cost of $160 per kWh. Eos Energy Storage President Steve Hellman told me in an interview that he thought the U.S. was leading in terms of grid battery innovation, and that he thought other countries would be hard pressed to recreate the ARPA-E event, and have it be chock full of grid battery innovation. Full Article

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