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Deep decarbonisation of the road transport sector can only be achieved through the introduction of electrified drivetrains. A key component within an electric vehicle (EV) in terms of overall cost and performance is the battery. The Committee on Climate Change commissioned Element Energy, Axeon and Prof. Peter Bruce of EastChem to investigate the future trajectory of batteries cost and performance. This report describes the current state of development and cost of batteries, before mapping the future cost and performance of lithium-ion batteries out to 2030. Current costs for a pure EV of ~$800/kWh at pack level translates into a pack cost of $21,000 for a 2012 medium sized BEV with a range of 150km. In 2030, under a baseline scenario, this is predicted to drop to $6,400 for a BEV with a range of 250km. Full Document

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