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Named after Eos, the Greek Goddess of the Dawn, Eos Energy Storage aims to bring about a new dawn of energy storage—one that will transform the way we produce, deliver, and consume electricity.

Eos’ mission is to develop cost effective energy storage solutions that are not only less expensive than other battery technologies, but less expensive than the most economical alternative used today to provide the same services – a gas turbine for peak power generation and transmission and distribution assets for delivery capacity. Eos views energy storage as a solution to real business problems, and is developing a battery technology that responds directly to the requirements of the business case at hand. The result is Eos’ novel, proprietary Znyth® technology—the first low-cost, long-life, inherently safe, energy dense, and highly efficient aqueous battery.

Founded in 2008 after the issuance of the patent for its core technology, Eos has grown to become a leader in the nascent and rapidly growing energy storage industry. Eos’ elite research and development team is led by management with decades of experience in battery technology and building successful energy companies.

Eos has established a strong commercial platform, partnering with leading suppliers, manufacturers, and utilities to enhance and accelerate product development.

Join Eos as we work towards building a more efficient, cleaner, and more secure energy future for America and the world.


Michael Oster

Chief Executive Officer

Michael OsterMichael’s experience includes real estate, emerging markets, technology and renewable energy. Prior to Eos, Michael launched Clean Energy Holdings as a vehicle to develop solar power and invest in energy technologies. He had developed several of the larger commercial solar power systems in New Jersey in partnership with a major European utility. Michael co-founded Eos with Steve Amendola and was the first investor in the company. Michael began his career in strategy and business planning based at IBM’s largest development and testing facility, and he later joined the international management consulting firm of A. T. Kearney. In 1991, Michael moved to Russia as privatization was starting and built what was one of the first and largest real estate investment and development companies in Moscow and St. Petersburg. In 1994, Michael established the first institutional real estate investment fund in Russia in partnership with the AT&T pension fund, and developed numerous successful projects. In the last decade, Michael formed and capitalized an early stage technology venture capital firm in New York City. He was one of the original partners to launch the global energy technology firm Aspect Enterprise Solutions together with Steve Hellman, where he populated the board and investor group with OPEC oil ministers, US cabinet members and other energy industry leaders. Michael has been quoted or profiled in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, USA Today, the London Observer, the Moscow Times and other publications. Michael received his BA from Brandeis University and his MBA from NYU where he won an award for best thesis for his work on evaluating risk. He speaks Russian and French.

Steve Hellman


Steve HellmanSteve Hellman joined Eos as Director after a long career of building new companies, largely in energy and real estate. Steve began his energy career with Glencore, the largest commodities trading company in the world, where he built six successful companies in oil production and refining. Thereafter he created his own energy trading company which grew to $8B in revenues, and built a shipping company of 27 tankers. Together with Michael Oster he later created Aspect Enterprise Solutions, an energy technology company which provides software as a service to hundreds of major oil and energy companies (clients include BP, China Oil, ExxonMobil and Gazprom). In recent years he acted as an Advisor to the US State Department where he worked with Heads of State and Senior Ministers throughout Eurasia to resolve energy conflicts and to develop a strategy for Eurasian oil and gas infrastructure development. Steve also independently built a $150M commercial real estate business. Steve speaks Russian and Chinese, is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and holds an MA (Industrial Engineering) and a BS (Political Science, Slavic Languages) from Stanford University (Phi Beta Kappa, 1987).

Steven Amendola


Steven AmendolaSteve invented and patented Eos’ battery technology and co-founded the company Eos Energy Storage. Steve is also the inventor and founder of Renewable Silicon International (RSi), a silicon processing technology that reduces silicon costs by more than 60% compared to the industry standard silicon processing methods. RSi has been funded by the Quercus Trust and has started manufacturing at its plant in Easton, PA. Steve also founded the company Millennium Cell, which developed a very high energy density battery/fuel cell technology. Steve managed the company (which grew to 50 employees and later went public) before leaving to develop new technologies in 2002. Steve has been awarded more than two dozen U.S. patents, with approximately 20 additional patents pending and many corresponding foreign patents related to new fuels, turbines, diesel fuels, and hydrogen production. Steve’s area of specialty is large scale power storage. He has a deep knowledge and decades of experience evaluating and developing related technologies.

Philippe Bouchard
VP, Business Development

Vice President – Business Development

Philippe BouchardPhilippe joined Eos after 5 years of in-depth experience leading emerging technology and regulatory initiatives within the utility energy industry. While working previously within Southern California Edison’s Advanced Technology Organization, Philippe co-authored SCE’s Smart Grid Deployment Plan and managed a $3 million portfolio of diversified R&D and technology evaluation projects. Philippe also completed SCE’s 2-year Marketing Analysis & Planning Strategy (MAPS) rotation program where he lead keystone projects within the arenas of Advanced Technology, Demand Response and Regulatory Policy & Affairs. In this rotational capacity, Philippe lead development of General Rate Case testimony for SCE’s Plug-in Vehicle Readiness Program and helped to propose and implement customer demand response programs leveraging newly implemented smart metering and home area network technology platforms. Philippe previously worked as a research analyst for E Source—an energy research and consulting firm– where he specialized in demand-side management programs, smart grid technologies, and corporate greenhouse gas consulting. Philippe brings an interdisciplinary background in chemistry and environmental sciences and graduated with a B.A. from Pomona College.

Jim Morgenson
VP, Sales

Vice President – Sales

Jim MorgensonJim Morgenson leads worldwide direct sales efforts as well as expansion of Eos’s Aegis program, which involves formal partnerships with major system integrators who sell, install, and service turnkey AC energy storage solutions using the Aurora® DC battery. Jim joins Eos from SMA Solar Technology and Rockwell Automation, where he developed and scaled global sales strategies for emerging technologies in utility, commercial and industrial markets. Jim comes to Eos with over 18 years of industry experience in the fields of semiconductors, electronics, and inverters. He has managed teams of over 17 employees and has established and executed consistent year-over-year growth in sales and market share in his prior roles. Jim is graduate of Penn State University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Don Humphreys
VP, Quality

Vice President – Quality

Don HumphreysDon Humphreys, VP of Quality: Donald Humphreys leads all aspects of manufacturing for Eos Energy Storage. Don has extensive experience in transitioning battery R&D to large-scale manufacture. Over the years he has held various positions at Aquion Energy, Gillette and P&G. During his tenure as Director of Engineering -International Development Markets, Don developed and directed the design, build and start-up of “green-field” production facilities and equipment in India and China, while providing engineering support for Duracell’s production facilities outside the US in South Africa, Mexico, Brazil, China, Canada and India. As Plant Manager of the Duracell Cleveland Production and Packaging facility he directed over 1150 employees in the production of 500 million batteries per year and the packaging of approximately 3.3 billion batteries per year. Prior to Gillette’s purchase of Duracell, Don held a variety of positions in the Duracell organization from 1978 through 1997

Neil Ovadia
VP, Operations

Neil OvadiaNeil Ovadia joined Eos in 2011 and leads manufacturing, supply chain, financial and logistics operations.  Neil has previously led operations, purchasing, finance, ERP/MRP implementations and other major initiatives for multiple food manufacturing companies with annual revenues ranging from $10M – $250M.  In his last position Neil managed the simultaneous merger of three newly acquired subsidiaries within a six-month timeframe, incorporating all manufacturing, finance and daily operations into a single headquartered site. Focusing on operational excellence, Neil was able to restructure the company’s operational plan allowing it to successfully acquire a $50M asset based credit line. Neil is a graduate of Stony Brook University and a retired Sgt. First Class in the IDF.

Dr. George Adamson
Chief Technical Operating Officer

Chief Technical Operating Officer

George AdamsonGeorge’s passion is bringing highly technical products from the laboratory into production. Over his career he has successfully shepherded five products through the development process: four advanced batteries and one consumer product. Prior to Eos, George was Vice President for Product Development at ZPower, LLC where he was responsible for the intellectual property portfolio and developed silver-zinc batteries for medical device applications.

Prior to ZPower, George was the head of Virtic, LLC, where he directed the company’s contract engineering and scientific consulting services, helping a number of clients to expand their product lines and intellectual property portfolios. Prior to that he served as Vice President of Process Engineering and Vice President of Research and Development at Valence Technology Corporation where he led the engineering team scaling a lithium polymer battery chemistry from the bench-top to a full manufacturing plant capable of producing 3.4 MWh of batteries per day. He also led the scale-up of Valence’s lithium transition metal phosphate technologies both as raw materials and as finished batteries; and he launched the company’s first three large scale production lines. Prior to Valence, Dr. Adamson was the Senior Research Scientist for Zinc Air Power Corporation, a start-up company developing a commercial electric vehicle battery. In this position, Dr. Adamson directed an electrochemical research and catalyst testing program to develop a commercial low-cost bi-function air cathode.

Dr. Adamson is the holder of nine issued U.S. patents, with many additional applications pending. He has published extensively in such journals as Journal of Power Sources, Chemistry of Materials, Electrochemical, Journal of the Electrochemical Society and Solid-State Letters, Journal of Chemical Physics and Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy. He holds a B.S. in Chemistry from the University of California, Riverside and a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Peak infrastructure requirements, intermittent renewables, grid resilience, and increasing energy prices make grid-scale energy storage a $100B+ market by 2020. Several key differentiators position Eos for success in this emerging and rapidly growing marketplace:

Differentiated Product/Technology – Eos’ patented Znyth® battery technology is low cost, safe, reliable, & long-lasting; Eos’ grid-scale Aurora® product has been specifically designed to maximize customer return on investment in highly reproducible applications.

Industry-Leading Value Proposition – At a target price of $160/kWh, Eos will disrupt incumbent solutions used for peak generation and delivery capacity (e.g. gas-fired turbines, transmission and distribution upgrades) by providing the same service at lower cost

World Class Partnerships – Joint development with major system integrators and contract manufacturer enhances product value proposition and accelerates path to market. Rapid prototyping and manufacturing partnership with Incodema Group enables capex efficient scale-up & production

Advanced go-to-market strategy – Close cooperation with 8 major utility Genesis partners representing over 350 GW generation, 1.8M miles of T&D, and over 81M customers in 70+ countries to demonstrate first generation product and accelerate revenues

Experienced management team – Veteran management team with deep expertise (two chemistry Ph.Ds with 30+ patents and battery technology commercialization experience) and a history of success in scaling energy businesses


Eos Energy Storage is a vibrant, entrepreneurial work environment, and we are always looking for qualified people to join our team, especially scientists with battery experience. For a complete list of our career opportunities visit our Careers page.

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