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Eos produces cost effective energy storage solutions that are not only less expensive than other battery technologies, but less expensive than the most economical alternative used today to provide the same services—gas turbines for peak power generation and transmission and distribution assets for delivery capacity.


Grid-scale energy storage will transform the way we produce, deliver, and consume electricity. With storage, utilities can rely on a cleaner, more efficient energy mix while reducing costs…

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Commercial & Industrial

In today’s high tech world, commercial and industrial facilities require better power quality and reliability and new means of managing ever increasing electricity costs. Eos’ battery technology…

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Renewable energy accounts for an increasing portion of our electricity supply; however, the fastest growing of these resources only produce electricity when the wind is blowing or….

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Eos in the News

The Battery Revolution: A Technology Disruption, Economics and Grid Level Application Discussion with Eos Energy

Forbes / January 13, 2015

Recent advancements in energy storage technology could finally make renewables, such as wind and solar, truly viable economic alternatives to fossil fuels when it comes to generating power. The ability to store power bridges the reliability gaps that occur with renewables, when, on any given day, the sun just doesn’t shine bright enough or the wind doesn’t blow hard enough to feed the hungry power grid.
Eos to Build Megawatts of Low-Cost Zinc Batteries for the Grid

Greentech Grid / January 14, 2015

Eos Energy Storage has raised the first $15 million of a planned $25 million in funding, meant to scale up manufacturing of its hybrid zinc cathode, aqueous electrolyte-based battery that could break the price barrier for grid-scale, multi-hour energy storage.

Eos Energy Storage Announces Private Placement of $15 Million

Business Wire / January 12, 2015

Eos Energy Storage today announced a private placement with AltEnergy LLC. Eos expects to receive $15 million in gross proceeds from the private placement and plans to place an additional $10 million with accredited investors for total gross proceeds of $25 million.
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